The rules which are contained on this page are the only rules which are used at Hockey Night In Weymouth.  We have these rules to enhance the fun of the game, create fair play and so we have a respectful atmosphere for play. At the end of the day, our hope is that everyone has Fun & makes new Friendships at Hockey night in Weymouth! Just as God intended us to do! 

Here are the Ten commandments of Hockey Night In Weymouth:
1. No Fighting - Any physical fighting that happens will result in both parties being asked to leave immediately. 
2. Be respectful - This includes using language that is appropriate, encouraging one another and apologizing when we make mistakes. Not adhering could result in a warning. We have a lot of kids who play with us and its so important to set an example!
3. Ball shot out of play - Whoever was the last to touch the ball must go immediatley to retrive the ball, then return to the bench. 
4. No Slapshots - This year because of the injuries by close rang Slapshots, we have instituted a rule for the elimination of the full range slapshot. 
5. Trip or Slash can result in change of possession or penalty shot. Calls are subject to the agreement of the people at play.
6. Goals scored with a distinct kicking motion or anything besides the stick of the player are to be disallowed.
8. Physical contact - Physical contact is absolutely prohibited.  Hockey night is non-contact. No hip-checks, body checks or any checks haha!
9. Face-offs -We have face-offs after every goal for our All-star games, but during the regular play we suggest giving half to the opponent after a goal is scored. 
10. Quick Shifts - We have lots of guys and we need to share the time. If you score a goal or an assist, take a shift. If your tired, take a shift. If your line scores, take a shift. Take shifts quickly so everyone has a chance to play.

Now, I think I'll add one more rule...
11. Love God, Love People. That really sums everything up I think :)

When We Play!

Tuesday Nights

At St. Mary's Bay academy in Weymouth



4695 Hwy 1,
Weymouth, NS,
B0W 3T0

Tel: 902-308-6601
Call Darrell Haines for details or questions.

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